I paint for you, just for you!
With a lot of love, humor and a unique imagination and creativity. With occasional menstrual pain, depression, self-doubt, a huge life crisis, fits of anger and joy, laughing, farting, singing, dancing, crying and swearing loudly.
I prefer lot of colors, and even if I want it to be dark and serious, it will be colorful and playful again anyway. I like to paint animals, nature, the sea, naked people and genitals as well as different patterns.
Put on a silk dress from me and you'll never want to wear anything else.
You'll look fantastic, beautiful, sexy, interesting, unusual, simply unique!
You deserve to feel this great feeling of uniqueness and beauty!
You would feel how the silk caresses you tenderly. How it gives you enough room to breathe and how it gives you warmth or a cool breeze.
We all deserve to experience this awesome silk adventure!

Your Melasilk